Custom Ring Order Process

Simple Drawing Explains a Lot

Here is an example of a drawing sent by a customer. He knew exactly what he wanted so this simple sketch was all it took to start working on his idea. If your idea is more complicated, or you do not know what would be the ideal design, just describe it.

Receive a 3D image based on your description

You will receive a rough sketch (free) or a detailed almost realistic image depending on the complexity of your piece. The image here did not take any time to render in order to look like a real objects, so it is made for free.

in production

Order a File or a Full Product

At this point we can start production with 50% downpayment of you can order the 3D file and then give it to a local jeweler with a 3D printer. It is understandable that paying for yet-to-be-made goods online may come with an uneasy feeling but it is not much different than purchasing anything else online. Doesn’t it feel better to work with a jeweler on this side of the ocean in this situation?

You will receive regular updates with pictures and see how the project is moving along. You will have a chance to approve it for the next stage or request changes. This way there will be no surprises in the end.

Receive you item

Once the item is produced, you will finally hold in your hand something that was just an idea. It will feel almost surreal that the physical object is here. You may look back and think about how you felt about starting this project. Next time you order it will be with full confidence.

What others say about working with us

I received the package safe and sound. Thanks for the card, it made me laugh. I like the way the pendant turned out and I am happy with the end result. It’s worth the money and if I want anything done in the future in terms of jewelry I know where to be. Thanks for everything and perhaps we work again some time in the future, who knows. Have a good day and I wish you the best of luck with your business.

Jurgen from Netherlands, Ordered the Personal Accomplishment Medal

I meant to email you back. I haven’t taken the ring off since I put it on. I love it. You’ve done right by me. It was not an easy request, but results were amazing

Adrian, Ordered the Justice League Band