Batman Engagement Ring – White Gold

Batman Engagement Ring – White Gold With A Ruby

Batman engagement ring made out of white gold with a 8mm round ruby. There are little Batman logos all around. Initially Chris had some doubts about ordering online. I suggested ordering something locally, but he wanted this particular ring.


Batman Ring Creation Story:

Can this be made in size 11?



Hi Chris
Yes It can be made in size 11. Are you looking for a change in design?

No I want it just like the picture in a size 11 and how do I know it’s authentic


Sure it will be 8mm stone to keep those proportions. I am not sure I understand the question about authenticity.
It costs a lot how do u know you aren’t selling me something fake
This is a complicated ring and I take pride in my work. If you think that you will be cheated online, the best thing to do is to buy locally.
It’s amazingly beautiful and something I’ve always wanted. I appreciate your response time how long would this take to make and how do we get this process started?
Thank you. I take 50% downpayment through paypal. The rest is due before shipping. Based on my current workload it will take me 3 weeks with 2 day shipping.
Sounds good
Will I be able to see it before paying the rest before shipping
Sure I send pictures of the progress so you can have a record how it was made.


Okay so I want the white gold 10k with the ruby 8mm I don’t want the black enamel stuff on it love your work by the way very nice
Thank you. I will send the invoice for downpayment to your email soon.
Ok cool
One more final question before I send payment what is the return policy


Please read the conditions on the invoice. You will get the chance to see the final pictures and OK it before shipping. Please order only of you are sure you want to proceed.


Payment sent
Payment received. Thank you very much. First update coming by the end of this week. Have a good day
You too thank you
The model is done. The ring will be with a ruby, I just put an amethyst for now. Casting it later next week. More updates next week.


Thank you for the update I appreciate it looking good

Casting done! Here is what the rough cast looks like. Next step polishing. More updates on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Batman engagement ring production picture

Batman engagement ring production picture

All done!

Batman Engagement Ring 10K White Gold 8mm Ruby

Batman Engagement Ring 10K White Gold 8mm Ruby

It looks amazing!

Thank you! Glad you like it. I will send you the invoice for the second half later today. Could you please confirm the address and your phone number?

Just got the ring and it is beautiful exactly what I wanted you did an amazing job thank you so very much

Glad to hear that! My pleasure.

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