The usual prices is $400 – $1300 for silver rings and $900+ for gold rings (diamonds excluded). This is just a rough estimate. The price greatly depends on complexity and materials.


If you plan to work with a local jeweler who has a an accurate 3D printer, ordering a design only is a valid option. Most jewelers have the skill to finish a ring that is already designed and printed. Producing the printable file is the major hurdle.

Design Only
$99Very Simple Design
  • This option is for tier one design that would not require more than three revisions.
  • Most geometric wedding bands fall into this category.
Design Only
$250Regular ring/pendant design
  • Most rings and pendants fall into this category.
  • Examples are signet rings, class rings and engagement rings
  • Some engagement rings are too elaborate for this category
Design Only
$350+More complicated design
  • This is for complicated design such as organic shaped figures and items that require a lot of detailing.
  • Examples are full 3D characters or human figures


This service includes design. You will get a rendered image of what your ring would look like and you can either request changes or approve it for production. I send regular updates as the project is progressing so at each stage, you will have a chance to see what the progress is like before I move onto the next stage. This way there are not surprises as to what the final product would look like. I always follow customers’ instructions. After all, this is your project and it should turn out the way you envisioned it. If however you are somewhat flexible with the original idea that would demand higher budget, small changes in the design or choice of materials will in most cases, allow the project to fit in a pre-determined realistic budget. Most people do¬† not realize that requesting a customized item means bearing the full cost of production from scratch. The concept is similar to ordering a car from Toyota made to your specs vs buying a standard Civic model. On average your custom specs will imply a 10 times higher price. For items made out of more valuable materials, the difference is not that drastic.

Wedding Bands
$350+Silver Wedding Bands
  • Silver wedding bands with simple design can be made from $350. What affects the price is materials and the complexity of the design. If you are looking for a sculpted figure on the band then the cost is combined with the cost of the sculpting.
Signet Rings
$400-$1200Silver Signet Rings
  • Silver signet rings can be made from $400. Rings with flat seals that contain only letters are on the lower side. What makes these rings more expansive is the complicated artwork especially on the sides. Rings that require a lot of manual detailing are on the higher end.
  • The cost for most silver class rings is in the $500-$700 range.
  • Gold signet rings start from $1200. Please keep in mind that bold designs tend to be heavy so it will affect the price.
Engagement Rings
$450+Silver Engagement Rings
  • Engagement rings have the widest price range. Customers have very different ideas regarding design and materials. If you are looking for a silver ring with a semi precious stone (topaz, garnet etc) the ring will be on the lower pricing end. Unlike in the case of signet rings, engagement rings do not require large amount of materials so gold, palladium and platinum fit in most budgets. Only diamonds and natural precious stones (sapphires, rubies and emeralds) will significantly affect the price.
  • Most gold engagement rings (with no center diamond) can be made in the $900 -$1300 range.
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Need a Personal Plan?

Since you are ordering goods that do not exist yet, we start the project with 50% downpayment. The second payment is due upon completion before shipping. If your time-frame is longer (several months) then we can arrange monthly payments. Design service is billed up front.

Flexible Discount System

Customers usually order only one ring and therefore bear the cost of production from scratch. If you are ordering rings for your organization, only the first ring comes with full production cost. The following rings are the copies of the first one and therefore priced differently. The larger the order, the lower is the price per ring.

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