Yes These Are The Real Clients:

Jackie R’s review

For “Superhero Wedding Band 3”

• 6/3/16

The ring is absolutely perfect! My husband loved it and even my 5 year old daughter asked for one! Loved the enamel coloring. Really makes the ring pop.

Mindy W.

Mindy W’s review

For “Music Key Pendant”

• 5/10/16

I love the necklace Cicmil made for me. They turned out gorgeous. I will definitely use him again for anything special.

Claude J.

Claude J’s review

For “Wedding Bands”

• 4/20/16

Had Mr. Cicmil work on my engagement ring and wedding bands. Great work and clearly loves what he does. The compliments we get on the ring are constant. Thanks again!

steve B.

Steve B’s review

For “steve’s Ring”

• 1/25/16

I am happy with what I got. Its what I was looking for. The project was delayed but that was my fault. It was a fun experience for me. Thanks!


Kimberly B.

Kimberly B’s review

For “Dc Universe Superhero Wedding Band”

• 12/29/15

Truly an amazing person to work with. Always gets back to you on time and quickly. Definitely a 5 star maker. My Fiancé and I are completely happy with our wedding band!


Andrew J.

Andrew J’s review

For “Andrew’s Ring”

• 10/27/15

Very good at designing my ring based of a description. Keeps in contact well and is very receptive towards requests. The final product is well made

David S.

David S’s review

For “another ring”

• 10/22/15

This is the third item and second project I have received from this craftsman and I am beyond pleased. Mr. Cicmil is the definition of customer service. He is dedicated to pleasing his customers. I look forward to working with Mr. Cicmil for several more projects in the near future.

Harry L.

Harry L’s review

For “Submarine Ring Guppy”

• 10/21/15

Beautiful work! The ring arrived today after two failed attempts to catch me at home. The communication was excellent, and I recommend Cicmil to all who are looking for custom jewelry. Sincerely, Harry C. Lewis

David S.

David S’s review

For “David’s Ring”

• 9/29/15

Working with Mr. Cicmil has been a pleasure. His attention to detail is outstanding and his dedication not only to his art but to pleasing his customers really shines. I am planning on ordering more projects from him very soon.


Jeff S.

Jeff S’s review

For “Jeff’s Necklace”

• 9/18/15

Excellent to work with. Fair pricing. Provided regular updates. Excellent work.

Mike M.

Mike M’s review

For “Mike’s Pendant”

• 8/25/15

I could not have had a better experience. Mr. Cicmil was as patient as anyone I’ve ever worked with. He seemed to really understand how important this project was to me and went back to the drawing board over and over until each detail was perfect. He even ordered a new set of tools to make it just right. All the while, never getting frustrated or impatient. And the quality is surely unmatched. I cannot recommend him highly enough…


Massimo C.

Massimo C’s review

For “Massimo’s Ring”

• 8/19/15

Working with Cicmil Crowns, was a great experience. His service, expertise, and timeliness was better than I could have ever expected. To begin, I wasn’t 100% certain of how I wanted to ring to look like. I gave them and idea and he provided me with very detailed 3D images of how the ring would look like upon completion. He even created a second set of 3D images when there were certain elements of the ring that I wanted changed. This is even before I agreed to a proposal. I cannot stress how much I found this very helpful and reassuring when finding someone to make the ring that I wanted to have. They were very professional, understanding, and willing to do whatever was possible whenever I had a request. His updates on the ring where frequent and he provided pictures of practically every step. I had to get the ring before a certain date and it even came a lot earlier than I expected. For the amount of detail and care put into this ring (along with the stone I picked for the ring) the value was well worth it. I would recommend Cicmil Crowns to anyone and everyone for the service, dedication, and quality.

Bruce B.

Bruce B’s review

For “Bruce’s Ring”

• 7/15/15

I wasn’t going to do a review until I actually had them in my possession. I have them, they are great, and the only problem was something I messed up, so it’s not Cicmils fault. Cicmil is from Toronto, Canada, so no extra customs fees for me, reasonably priced, and the work is top notch. Just make sure Cicmil has the proper dimensions to work with, I messed up, but it’s not noticeable. I would recommend Cicmil Crowns to anyone interested in high quality custom work.


ryan r.

Ryan r’s review

For “ryan’s Ring”

• 7/1/15

Very happy with my ring the pictures did not do it justice the ring fits perfectly and looks great I wasn’t sure if I was going to be happy with it since it’s my first time dealing with custom made but it worked out really well I will be doing business in the near future thanks!


Alisha M.

Alisha M’s review

For “Alisha’s Ring”

• 6/8/15

I’m extremely happy with this maker. My husband’s ring turned out amazing and he did it so fast! He was extremely helpful with what material to use and was helpful with any questions I had.


Aaron H.

Aaron H’s review

For “Aaron’s Ring”

• 5/26/15

Cicmil Crowns was able to do a unique project (obsidian rings) that was both affordable and timely.


Meagan L.

Meagan L’s review

For “Meagan’s Ring”

• 5/22/15

Cicmil created a wonderful custom made ring for my soon-to-be husband using a rather odd stone with a very unique consistency. The unique make-up of the stone required some problem-solving to determine the best way to integrate the stone into the band. The solution ended up being to use very small chips off of the stone and affix them to the band using a jewelry enamel. I was initially worried about the longevity of the jewelry enamel and the need for any sort of maintenance, but Cicmil answered all my questions and let me know that the enamel was actually stronger and less likely to scratch or chip than the platinum setting of the band! I only wish I had known the platinum was so prone to scratching before I chose it for the setting.


Michael C.

Michael C’s review

For “Self-POWER Ring”

• 4/17/15

Overall a great experience. We stayed in communication and shared ideas, the ring turned out great. Thanks again!

Claude J.

Claude J’s review

For “Claude’s Ring”

• 4/10/15

I did not realize how small the ring was until I got it Meaning, I do not know how so much detail was able to be put onto such a small ring. I was pretty specific about the details and Cicmil included everything with skill. He helped me out with decision making when I was stumped as well. Everything was professional and the final product is stunning. Thanks!

Denise S.

Denise S’s review

For “Denise’s Ring”

• 3/6/15

Mr Cicmil was very pleasant to work with, in making my fiance’s ring. He was very helpful in every aspect. He was also very well communicated. He answered all my questions in a timely manner and helped me when I couldn’t make a decision. The finished project was exactly what I asked for and i’m very happy with my ring. =)

Benjamin T.

Benjamin T’s review

For “Proposal from 5/19/14”

• 2/26/15

I purchased this ring half a year ago. It’s still shines the gold shine I expected. The craftsmanship is amazing and the ideas he added made the ring better in my opinion. It was well worth the price.


Teresa B.

Teresa B’s review

For “Teresa’s Ring”

• 2/24/15

My experience could not have been any better. Great communication, all messages were replied to promptly and I was updated on project activity often. I would not hesitate to use him again and I highly recommend his work. My son’s ring was absolutely beautiful and much more than I ever imagined. He is very, very talented and I know you will NOT be disappointed.


James W.

James W’s review

For “Batman Engagement Ring”

• 2/20/15

I am quite pleased with the ring. Cicmil was responsive, able to propose a project within my budget, and was able to deliver ahead of schedule.


Dave K.

Dave K’s review

For “Narwahl Project”

• 12/20/14

Great experience! I highly recommend working with him. I will again.


Alex B.

Alex B’s review

For “Dragon Ball Z Inspired Engagement Ring”

• 12/7/14

Cicmil was excellent to work with. Patient. Professional. Prompt. And Passionate about his work. I can’t use enough ‘P’s’ to describe him – ha. When I had questions or suggestions, he responded immediately with answers and feedback. He also took time to look up the source material for the inspiration for the ring and make suggestions for a better way to go about making the item. I was so concerned about going this route – having a custom made ring made for such an important moment –  not only am I extremely glad I did, but I know exactly who I would come back to for future custom works!


Esteban C.

Esteban C’s review

For “SAO Engagement Ring”

• 11/6/14

I’m very satisfied with the final product. Working with CCJ was a very pleasant experience. Updates were given regularly and communication was clear. Project was completed in estimated time. And there was great attention to detail. We started the project with nothing but a concept and Cicmil created a design from scratch that totally blew my mind. The only improvement I can indicate is that the photos of the updates in general should be taken with a better camera.


Bobby G.

Bobby G’s review

For “Ring Project – Blue Lantern”

• 9/20/14

Great experience. Made and designed the ring to my specs and came out better than what I thought it would be. Great job!


Myra S.

Myra S’s review

For “Myra’s pendant”

• 9/13/14

I am very pleased with professionalism and craftsmanship. He always responded promptly and my project was completed on time as promised. I highly recommend him.


Vince S.

Vince S’s review

For “Steampunk Heart Pendant With Dragonfly Key”

• 9/9/14

The earrings are beautiful. The entire process was transparent and I got exactly what I hoped to get. Thank you!



Stuart’s review

For “Stuart’s ring”

• 9/7/14

A wonderful job on this project. The craftsman was creative, listened well, and was very responsive. The end result was first rate. I recommend him unreservedly.

Garrett M.

Garrett M’s review

For “Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy electronic thumb”

• 8/10/14
Tina H.

Tina H’s review

For “Ring Project”

• 8/9/14

The work is great in quality and is very professional. He understands the necessary ingredients to making an idea work. The pricing is reasonable and he works fast and provided updates on my project without my asking. My ring came out nicely, and I’m really happy with it.


Adrian H.

Adrian H’s review

For “Comics+Film=Marriage”

• 8/8/14

Working with Cicmil to bring to to life an idea I’ve had for a while now was an amazing experience. I didn’t think that it could be done, but the ring I’ve wanted for long is now mine to cherish forever. From beginning to end Cicmil kept me up to date on the entire process and clued me in on every aspect of design. What I asked for was a miracle and he delivered. I appreciate this experience and I believe anybody else would be lucky to work with him too.


Jennie-Leigh’s review

For “Jennie-Leigh’s engagement ring to match wedding bands”

• 6/6/14

This project could not have gone better! Great communication and a Maker who worked with us every step of the way. We are very pleased with the finished product.

Kim Whisenant

Kim Whisenant’s review

For “Kim Whisenant’s A 10K gold man’s finger ring with an oil derrick or a scene.”

• 2/14/14

Great craftsmanship, pleasant to work with, quick delivery.



Tina’s review

For “Wedding bands”

• 2/3/14

This was one of the most exciting experiences we have ever had. Not only were our rings made to perfection, but it was done with ease and grace. Cicmil was professional and pleasant to work with. He kept us informed every step of the way and over came creation issues just to make sure we received EXACTLY what we asked for! The only problem is that we can’t wear them until we say I DO!! I would recommend custom jewelry to anyone! Wonderful experience!

Diana D.

Diana D’s review

For “Pendant/necklace”

• 12/25/13
Matthew Prythero

Matthew Prythero’s review

For “Company Seal Ring – Men’s”

• 12/6/13

Cicmil was absolutely wonderful to work with. He made such a beautiful ring with my company’s old seal. He did wonderful work, was very timely and provided great communication with wonderful pictures. He is absolutely wonderful and produced the best results I could possibly ask for. Thank you so much for everything! I love it and I’m already showing it off to everyone! They all love !!!


Rodney Tolbert

Rodney Tolbert’s review

For “College Class Ring”

• 11/18/13

I am Very Pleased! Mr. Cicmil did an awesome job!!!


Wes’ review

For “Knights Ring”

• 9/18/13

Mr Cicmil was fantastic! A great communicator, and a talented jeweler. He was sensitive to my “wants” as well as offered improvements to enhance my “vision”. Overall…an awesome experience!


Brian’s review

For “Silver pendant”

• 6/25/13

Cicmil was an absolute pleasure to work with a true gentleman and artists and I will use him and refer him for years to come! All said it was an amazing experience!

Andrew W.

Andrew W’s review

For “Custom Carved wood cross pendant “

• 6/18/13

I think CCJ did a great job reproducing an idea just based on pictures. He was open to my suggestions and adapted to my change of mind. He also made an effort to update me daily of the progress. At the end, he delivered more than what i expected. I am impressed and will deal with him again, hopefully soon.