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Diverse Jewelry Portfolio

Here are some examples of different items made over the years. Unusual ideas and out of the ordinary requests are more than welcome.

custom class ring silver with gold

From Canada With Love

You custom jewelry will be made by the artist who loves his work and sees every day as an opportunity to create something beautiful that will outlast the hand that made it. We have produced pieces for European nobility, CEO of a fortune 500 company, politicians from Capitol Hill, pastors of churches and everybody else who regardless of the means, were simply not able to find an artist who can produce the unusual ring they imagined. Having said that, custom work is not out of reach for most clients. It all depends on what you request. The time it takes to produce the piece and the choice of materials are the factors that contribute to the final price. Skill comes standard.

When you work with Cicmil Crowns Jewelry, you can expect:


Imagination is not the limiting factor. Rest assured that you will not end up with something boring (unless you want that).


Your jewelry will be made from scratch with care. The look and feel will speak for itself. Prepare for compliments.


If you request something that is considered out of the ordinary or maybe impossible, by other people, we should talk.

Customer Service

The level of customer service that you will receive throughout the whole process will pleasantly surprise you.

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