Puzzle Engagement Ring

Tree Bark Textured Puzzle Engagement Ring


Puzzle Engagement Ring

It was a pleasure working with William. He wanted to impress his fiance with a very elaborate idea. The engagement ring is composed of three separate rings. Each of them was supposed to have organic feel and resemble a tree branch. The stone was one-of-a-kind. It is a large natural green SAPPHIRE. True green sapphires are extremely difficult to find. Besides the common blue variety, sapphires can be yellow and the green sapphire is usually something bluish-green at best. This stone was the largest natural true green stone we could find. William spent full two months selecting the stones and we changed the design in order to accommodate that particular stone. The whole ring, although drawn in 3D, was done by hand as that way the tree bark was more realistic. It was very difficult to accurately position all three bands in such way that they overlap properly, have enough strength and at the same time, not loose the overall organic feel.

The wedding band was equally elaborate. William wanted a dragon and asked if it was possible to somehow “break” the dragon so it looks more like an impressionist painting.

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