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Artist’s curse

A true artist always strives to create something better, “higher”, or even closer to divine if possible. Art speaks different languages to the observer, but in every case it conveys something from the place the rational mind cannot go. I

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The Unease of Ordering Jewelry Online

Some of the normal feelings when ordering jewelry online is unease and uncertainty. When a client has an idea for a ring then he or she frequently checks with the local jewelry store if custom option is available. They usually

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Molitva za Srbiju (Region Specific Prayer Ring)

Помози Господе, Да оборена у прах,из праха устане, Да се расута сабере, да ослепела прогледа, Да убијена, мучена, спаљена, заклана згажена обешена и разапета, у знане и незнане гробове сахрањена, и из свих гробова и мука васкрсла, цела Србија стане

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