Artist’s curse

A true artist always strives to create something better, “higher”, or even closer to divine if possible. Art speaks different languages to the observer, but in every case it conveys something from the place the rational mind cannot go. I remember my conversation with the lady who worked at the Chicago Art Institute. She was surprised that I knew some basic things about Rome, so we talked further and I showed her my works. Her immediate response was: “That is from God!” I wish I felt any kind of divine presence, but I think that the drive to create was installed and after that the connection to the divine was severed. The sad part in the creation process is that the initial excitement always subsides as the project is closer to the end. When it is done, the object is still beautiful, but to the creator’s eyes it becomes just another…thing. The initial excitement if followed by some form of disappointment. After that, another cycle of creation joy and disappointment starts with the new object. At least one good thing happens: when enough time has passed the objects regains some of it’s beauty to the creator’s eyes. In the end, artists have no choice but to create.

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