The Unease of Ordering Jewelry Online

Some of the normal feelings when ordering jewelry online is unease and uncertainty. When a client has an idea for a ring then he or she frequently checks with the local jewelry store if custom option is available. They usually find out that “customization” is really just chaining the color of the stone or engraving the initials, but… how about making something from scratch based on description? Although the percentage of us who can do that is small, there are many talented people online who can do it and that number is growing with every new techy generation going into this business. The skill level and prices vary greatly of course.

From a perspective of someone who has been doing this for 10 years it is obvious that the clients fall into two categories.

The first category are the people who want something new and have a great idea, they just need a pair of hands to produce it. They do not hesitate much to work with a remote artist as they know that the local option is not there.

The second category of clients are those who see a finished product on the site but realize that it is made to order so down-payment is required. Jewelers who produce mostly custom items rarely have all the designs and all the sizes in stock. Commencing work is not wise without the client committing to the project but from the perspective of the client the thought process is something like this: “Hmm… is this business legit? How do I know that he will not just keep my deposit? What if the ring is nothing like advertised? I don’t feel like waiting. What if I want to return it? All this is totally understandable. Sadly the time machine has not been invented yet, so if you want to return a custom item that took time to produce it would be fair to return the time to the maker. Tricky…

For that reason the process needs to be clear and done in such way to eliminate surprises. By sending the client production photos, the maker can show that first he is really working on the ring so the client is not kept waiting thinking “what is going on”. Second, the production photos show what the ring will look like. If there is something that needs to be changed, the client can ask at that stage, instead of waiting for the ring to be finished when it is too late.

In the end, everything goes well in 99% of cases. The only bad thing about custom jewelry production is that it rarely has repeat customers who already trust the maker. It is good luck for the customer not to ever want to buy another engagement ring, but not that great for the jeweler. We start from scratch every time.

Here is a good creating story. It shows how the client was uneasy at first then loved the ring:

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